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"Mr. Pulitzer stands by his vault after his amazing discovery."

Mr. Pulitzer stands by his vault after his amazing discovery

Thomas Pulitzer had no idea what he was going to discover when his boss, Mr. Knight, asked him to remove some old files that were lying in the newspaper vault. Mr. Knight told Thomas that Mr. Ridder, his assistant, had suggested he look under the old pile of newspapers in the back of the vault. Mr. Knight asked Thomas to go look and find what Mr. Ridder was speaking of. Thomas, with a look of nervous apprehension, walked to the safe.He slowly turned the dial and entered the combination, h-e-a-r-s-t. The door creaked open and Thomas entered the vault. He noticed in the far back corner some dusty old files and papers. In the dust, on a shelf, someone had scribbled, "Gannett was here". Also, sitting on the shelf, was an unopened can of Neuharth diet soda.As he made his way to the far end of the vault he saw what everyone was looking for. Photos. Thousands of photos lying all around. Thomas Pulitzer realized immediately what he had discovered. This collection of photos could be worth millions (and would later be known as the Pulitzer Prize). But…what to do next? Where do you go from here?On top of the photos was the most valuable item of all. An old business card without about three inches of dirt. As Thomas rubbed away the years of dust his eyes sparkled as he read, “Imagine Your Photos”. We can make your photos have more value than you ever imagined. And, there was one more miracle left. A phone number. 305-387-4760. Thomas quickly left the vault and walked over to the phone..............