The backlash from the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has had a huge effect on farmers who’ve suffered heavy losses from the forced closures of restaurants, cruise lines, and theme parks. Last month, they let countless tons of veggies and fruits rot in their fields because of this sudden decrease in demand.

This month, they’ve adapted their business model to sell directly to consumers. Their goal is to eliminate last month’s senseless waste as well as stop incurring any more losses on the year.

Changing course has been challenging but has proven to be successful in helping these farmers sell the produce that would have otherwise remained rotten on their fields again. 

The Florida State Department of Agriculture has also stepped in to help by creating a website that connects local buyers with these farmers. To access this website and get more insight as to which local farmers are selling directly to consumers near you, click here.

There’s also a fantastic resource from Edible South Florida, which is updated daily, and provides a detailed list of growers offering their product directly to consumers. You can access this information by clicking here.

The quality of this produce is second to none. These farms have had long-standing contracts with major organizations, providing them the top-quality ingredients that make their meals great.

We applaud these farmers for adapting while in turbulent skies. Demand for the produce exists but the market had shifted. People have started cooking more at home since these lockdowns commenced. As entrepreneurs and business leaders, it’s important to always keep an open mind willing to pivot in order to find opportunity in any situation.

Support your local growers. This will not only help save their farms, but it will also help save you money, which is a win-win for everybody.

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