You’re here because you want to know what’s poppin’ in the world of business. Every day, more and more people set on a course towards their very own businesses either as a side hustle or their full-time job. They become their own boss, setting their schedule and doing the work they love. Do you want to know what the best part is? Simple… you want that too and by reading this, you’re moving in the right direction.

To create your own business project, you need to know some of the most promising small business ideas for men at the moment. There have been very positive trends in recent years in terms of profitability in the businesses we will be discussing, which is why we consider this list to be incredibly valuable. Even more importantly, these are all non tech startups with low startup costs, so the barrier to entry isn’t unreasonably high (double negative… I know). None of these examples will require you to spend too much money on expensive equipment, locales or even employees to get started.

I do want to make it very clear that every suggestion in this post can be beneficial to people of any gender, race, ethnicity, etc. We are firm believers that anybody can learn and apply the concepts and skillsets described in this article to improve their lives and start an entrepreneurial small business. The one thing we implore you to consider is the importance of selecting a business based on your area of interest, skills, and geographical opportunities. Do something you love, are good at or are extremely interested in.

man takes notes during financial new times article about small business ideas

Let’s get down to business

The following seven small business ideas for men are absolute gold, and any of them are likely to provide you that extra leverage needed to achieve financial freedom and live a better life. I give these to you in no particular order. Choose what works for you and remember, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to grow. When you read this, dig deep and ask yourself if what we’re suggesting is really something you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life. Don’t skim either. Some of these suggestions may not immediately resonate with you but you never know if they might plant a seed in your mind. Read this with an open mind and remember, the most dangerous thing a person could ever say is “I know”. (I’ll let you sit with that one for a few moments while you scroll to the next line of text)

1. Photography / Videography Business

This guy's got a camera hanging from his shoulder after reading this article and pursuing a successful career in photography.

The best iPhone camera simply can’t replace a real photographer, not even with portrait mode. The demand for skilled photographers is always good because people need pictures, and everybody prefers beautiful images they can keep forever. People often need these professional photos and videos to document big events and special occasions. You’ll also find that many of those events aren’t cheap to put on, so the amount you can charge for shooting and editing photos and video can become a substantial portion of your monthly income.

Another benefit is scheduling. Conflicts aren’t much of a problem because you have the option of scheduling weekend shoots, evening shoots, or just schedule around your free time. Also, keep in mind, most events are in the evenings or weekends anyway because that’s when the majority of guests are free to attend.

Getting started is easy. There are so many excellent resources online to help you sharpen your eye and take better photos and videos; most of them free! A quick search on google for “photography tutorials” or “how to shoot video” gave me a ton of results, all for free on Youtube alone.

Here are a few details to help you break into the market and get your first gig. The first thing you’ll need is pictures that showcase your talent. Start taking pictures and editing them to get some experience under your belt as well as build your portfolio. Continue to tweak your talent by also watching other professionals and their techniques and methods for shooting and editing.

Take advantage of social media. I’m sure you read that everywhere but this is one of those instances where it’s absolutely obvious you should leverage the potential of social media. Instagram would be your best option for promoting photos. Post your best work as often as possible as that will create more opportunities for our audience to find and engage with you. Use hashtags too! Look for the places where your audience is already browsing and apply those hashtags to your posts.

Business ideas in this category include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • stock photography
  • pet photography
  • wildlife photography
  • portrait photography
  • wedding
  • event photography

Build a great portfolio! I can’t stress that enough. Go to local shows, look for interesting ways to tell your visual story and be consistent with your work to- you’ll eventually get noticed.

Photography and videography contracts can be in the thousands of dollars, but they do require extra attention if you’re also doing the editing; this can be a very time-consuming process that requires hours of experience. A good idea is to outsource any part of your project you might be uncomfortable executing. At first it may seem you made less money than you could have, but in time you’ll realize outsourcing and gaining experience was the more valuable option.

So, to reiterate, grow your portfolio so you could get work. One decent job can easily translate into thousands of dollars in profit! Focus on the quality of your work and make sure you’re responsive to your clients and you’ll see your hobby quickly become a profitable business!

2. Sell Online Courses

This guy is coaching some people in a room but in reality he's recording this to use it as a course to later sell online. What a winner!

We love this option because education and academia are likely to remain an integral part of society forever. There are so many people who want to learn a new craft or skill, but need to do it at their own pace with a flexible schedule; they’re perfect candidates for an online course. Not to mention, there are also those who have made learning by purchasing these online courses a ritual.

Do you have a passion you’re highly knowledgeable about? What do you love? Is there something you wish you could focus more of your time on if money wasn’t an issue? Believe it or not, there’s somebody out there wanting to learn what you love to do and are already an expert at.

Another powerful benefit to creating an online course is that formulating and teaching it happens just once. Once you’ve recorded all the content, you can have it edited and transcribed. That’s it- that’s all it takes to have a product you can sell online.

Make no mistake, writing your content and organizing it can take you a little while, but, you should certainly take advantage of other people’s work as a source of inspiration. I would never condone plagiarism so please, be sure to make all your content your own. Just don’t go reinventing the wheel either. You’re the main factor that sets your work apart from anybody else’s, so be authentic and focus on delivering a great experience to your students.

Now consider the reward. Once you’ve created your course, you can submit it to one of the many affiliate networks, like Clickbank or JV Zoo. Professional marketers will then take your product and start selling it to all of their networks and you’ll be collecting income 24-hours a day as long as people are interested in the course.

Some popular courses currently generating money are those that teach:

  • a language
  • investing (stocks, cryptocurrency or forex)
  • special programming
  • time or project management
  • environmental sustainability
  • web design

These are just a few examples to get your mind going.

A good way to ensure you can generate a good return is to create a course for industries of high demand. Health, wealth and education are regarded as some of the most lucrative industries. 

Don’t be discouraged, however, If your passion or subject of knowledge isn’t among the examples I just mentioned. You’d be surprised how many people have made good money with courses in smaller, more obscure niches. Do a little research to see who else has already created the same course you want to make. Remember, if somebody else is doing it, it’s probably because they’re making money.

3. Offer personal and business financing (no license required)

Just two cool dudes just hanging out getting their business funded. They got the business loans they needed and couldn't be happier.

There are so many lenders out there constantly looking for interesting projects and business ideas to support. You probably don’t believe me because, like most people,  you’re under the impression loans are hard to get. But these lenders exist and in most cases, are even willing to fund small business startups in communities all across the entire United States.

There are so many people and companies looking for financing right now; they need money and will likely have to borrow it in the form of a loan. We consider this a great business opportunity because the pool of buyers and sellers is generally full throughout the entire year and you’d be right in the middle of it all.

We work with a lot of business owners and one thing we’ve found they have in common is a need for dependable financing options that are absolutely legit and have great terms (interest rate and maturity). Oftentimes, growing a business requires an investment of capital and 9 times out of 10, business owners don’t readily have the capital to spend. Whether they need new machines, maintenance, upgrades, inventory, design, or more marketing, they know borrowing the money is their best course of action.

If you’re reading this article, I’m going to guess you understand the importance of spending money in order to grow. These businesses will have to go out and get those funds from somebody- that somebody should be you.

Best of all, this is absolutely legit and you don’t need a license at all because you’re not offering a mortgage or investment advice. You’re simply tapping into an incredible network of banks and private lenders who are ready to lend and simply need the traffic.

Can you connect the dots? Do you know business owners, coaches, teachers, firefighters, police, doctors, etc.? I’d guess you do. Many of them are in financial situations where they could use more liquidity, need to restructure their debt or need a loan to support their business. Even the people you know that have a 9-5 usually have incredible business ideas and dreams just like you and me. Many of them, however, don’t realize how attainable financing those dreams actually is and abandon the idea before they even start.

Very simply put: your ability to connect great people, companies or startups that need funding and lenders will generate you a commission the moment the deal closes. You don’t even have to sell; just pass the lead along to a professional who specializes in closing these types of deals and they’ll handle everything else. That’s it!

I hate to have to even say this but, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Most people take 15-45 days to get their first deal; getting the ball rolling takes work but the rewards are so good! The average deal commission is $900, so it’s not a bad draw for just one deal you didn’t even have to close.

What’s even better is that one good deal will undoubtedly lead to more. Say you help Mr. Jones and he’s thrilled you just cut his credit card interest rate and freed up cash for new product inventory. He’s surely going to mention this to a friend or relative. He will generate a fresh referral for you and another possible commission while you sleep, and all because you provided great services.

This business is perfect for anybody with excellent communication skills. People with experience in sales tend to be really successful too. If you have a great network of business owners and professionals, this may be an excellent fit for you too. If you understand digital marketing and SEO, this may be an excellent fit for you.

If you’re still reading, you’re obviously interested. Personally, I make money with this service every single month. I get deals by driving traffic to my websites, delivering great content to people who need funding and setting up a call to speak for free with a funding specialist. One niche I’ve had a ton of success in is unsecured business loans, startup financing, and equipment loans for businesses.

To learn more, click here and watch the training. It’ll explain everything better than I can.

4. Dropshipping (including marketing)

Image shows a delivery van transporting goods presumably from a dropshipper

Dropshipping is a big word for a simple and brilliant idea. Dropshipping simply refers to running an online store without actually having to invest money into or carry any inventory. All you need is an online store where you take orders from customers and let your supplier ship the products. Consequently, you get your own share of profits with minimal risk.

I will mention that dropshipping has become a little saturated with marketers and online stores trying to sell absolutely anything. Aside from market saturation and competition, many consumers have shifted to a service they already know and trust like Amazon. Make no mistake however, plenty of people are making a great deal of money every month dropshipping, but it does have it’s share of hurdles to overcome.

How has the market changed?
Consumers today are a little savvier and will quickly look your store up. Good reviews and press is incredibly helpful when establishing trust between potential new customers and your store. Customers don’t only read reviews to check the quality of your products, they also make sure the company’s customer service is on point. Make sure your reviews are overwhelmingly positive and you’ll notice an improvement in your sales.

I also suggest looking into dropshipping suppliers that aren’t offshore. Consumers don’t want to spend money online and get their products 30 days later from China. This type of drop shipping will translate into a considerably higher number of customer service inquiries as well as lower reviews. Potential customers do not want to hear that somebody was dissatisfied with their delivery time.

Starting an online store is actually easier than you think. Most people who start a business in dropshipping use Shopify because it’s regarded as one of the best and easiest platforms to set up an e-Commerce website. Once your store is done, you’ll need to connect it to your partner suppliers platform.

Perhaps, the most important factor in your success as a drop shipper is how you promote your business online. Take advantage of social media and build an online presence for your marketing. Facebook ads have proven to be pretty effective although you’ll notice they tend to have lower conversion rates than people who click google results.

Want to know if this will work for you? Well, this is one of those jobs for people who hate people. Forget going to an office or even dealing with coworkers. To get started, find yourself a cozy Youtube wormhole to crawl down and learn as much as you possibly can. Watch videos and read articles. Search for “drop shipping tutorial” or “how to start a dropshipping store”. You could even search “how to do the drop shipping thingy” for all I care. The point is that you become motivated enough to learn the good, bad and the ugly surrounding your business. You’ll eventually start building trust with a few of the educators and may even find a mentor you’ll want to pay to help you get to that next level.

5. Web Design and Graphic Design

This guy is a symmetrical neat-freak with graphic design running through his cold veins. He just started after reading this article and already he's on here, a graphic killer.

Huge disclaimer. You need to have some sort of artistic or visual talent to consider this a possible option. This field is super vast and although theoretically, somebody could learn to be a great web or graphic designer, I recommend you already have an affinity for the art. Notice I didn’t say experience in the field. We are firm believers that all our readers have the potential to learn any new skillset they put their minds to.

Taking on clients in this world means you should really have a positive, collaborative spirit. Many times, designers get their feelings hurt when their stubborn, tacky clients want to make changes that negatively affect their art. Collaboration is key, especially since a happy client is a paying client. Communication and timeliness are also key, since most jobs a designer takes on have a deadline tied to an event, launch, or marketing campaign. Also keep in mind that clients can be rather obnoxious, requesting numerous revisions and alterations that ultimately result never get approved.

So far, I hope I’ve completely discouraged you from wanting to select web and graphic design as your business. If you’re still reading, you’re not only crazy, you’re a masochist. Just kidding (not really). I’m the guy with no talent that skips this entire section. However, I’m also the guy that pays somebody to do this for me. Why? Because I need my pages to look beautiful and I can’t do that myself.

The most interesting part about this type of art is that it’s extremely functional. It’s almost completely overlooked as art because of the functionality it provides. Think about it, when was the last time you visited a beautiful site and appreciated it’s layout, content, and design as artwork and not a functional piece of digital real estate. The magic is when a site feels so good that its absolute beauty gets overlooked by the functionality and user experience.

This is one very high paying skill that is always in demand, especially if you’re good. To start a business in graphics, you need to be familiar with a couple of tools. Examples include the popular Adobe Photoshop, Unsplash, Canva, PicMonkey, and a host of other graphics tools. You could work on animations, illustrations, logos, videos, games, etc. You can make hundreds to thousands of dollars as a successful graphics designer.

Web design is similar to graphics in that it’s pretty technical and requires a considerable amount of education. New advancements in the field, however, have strongly helped artists who have the eye but not the coding background coding. You could easily visit Wix or Weebly and design a web without knowing much about coding, although a little knowledge is always a plus.

Take a trip down that Youtube wormhole, again, please. Learn and grow.

Getting clients can be pretty easy if you know where to look. One excellent strategy is commenting in Facebook groups for small businesses and entrepreneurs. What’s the one thing everybody in business needs? Design and a website, and there are very few exceptions.

There’s the trick to posting in Facebook groups, however. The first thing you need to understand is that you should NOT go in there, guns blazing, promoting every single product you sell like a neon billboard on the highway. On the contrary. What you want to do is provide people value to other members by interacting with them and offering suggestions- this will help you establish some sort of relationship with the group.

6. Copywriting or Content Writing Service

Typewriter and a record used to create a piece of content for the web

Are you a gifted writer? Do you find it easy to be flexible with your pen? If so, then this is a great small business idea for men that could really turn a profit. Copywriting is essentially about writing texts that advertise or market a product, brand, organization, etc. and organizations are willing to pay good money for your efforts. Have you ever read billboards, emails, and other types of sales copy? Have you ever felt like it was a bad piece of copy or a terrible ad? Well, guess what; a copywriter somewhere wrote them and if you think you can do a better job, then there’s a good chance you can.

Now I’m not going to paint a picture where after two months of copywriting, you’re flying to New York, smoking expensive Cuban cigars and drinking a finely aged, single malt scotch in a penthouse office with Don Draper. The truth is, this isn’t exactly a glamorous business. It’s more of the, brush your teeth around 4:30 in the afternoon, eat your first meal by 6 and work late in pajamas with a glass of whatever you found is you had left. That is if you’re a freelancer. If you work for a prestigious marketing agency, perhaps you are living the Don Draper. The freelance option is a great, big, huge benefit for people who tend to prefer introverted activities to social ones; aka, jobs for people who hate people.

Content writing is all about producing engaging written material for websites, companies, etc. This could come in the form of: etc.

  • blog posts
  • white papers
  • video or audio covers
  • web pages
  • articles
  • social media posts

These are just a few different possibilities of what you can focus on. One thing we like is that companies always need content. The more we move toward digital, the more we’ll see the need for quality written content. If you can develop a unique, persuasive tone that converts, you’re on your way to a great place.

This business is perfect for people who really value their time alone or prefer to not collaborate as much with others. This is also one of those jobs for people who hate people (did I say that already). Since you don’t have to land massive accounts to be successful, you’ll find it isn’t really necessary to network heavily or collaborate with coworkers. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of online resources that copywriters use in order to market themselves and make money.

For starters, you could provide this service online through freelance websites like or You can also use craigslist, LinkedIn, of Facebook to generate interest in your services. Reviews are massively important so be sure to incentivize people to leave positive feedback after you’ve completed gigs.

You can charge per hour, per content, or per word. You could even barter if you’re feeling saucy. The truth is, you can do whatever you want because you’re a brilliant loner with a seductively persuasive and sexy writing style; you’re a copywriter and you don’t have the wherewithal to even entertain others. Me? I’m just glad you’re still reading. I strive for greatness every time I write despite knowing my pieces can turn out to be vaguely informative and mildly entertaining at times. But keeping you around almost 4,000 words in means I’m doing something right. Pew! Pew!

7. Create a Website / Blog / Vlog About Your Passion

Coder putting in work on some web design project that's been pay him great

For blogging, there’s a common misconception that women are much more successful than men but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There really is no misconception at all. Blogging/vlogging is among the best small business ideas for anybody who has knowledge and expertise on a particular subject. Growing and monetizing (making money) a blog takes a little time and consistency in posting. People want new and interesting content on a consistent basis and your job would be to provide them just that.

Real quick: If you know what a blog is, skip this paragraph. However, if you don’t know what a blog or vlog is, the first thing you need to do is move out from underneath the rock you live in tonight! A blog is a website or page where authors create content about a topic or group of topics and invite people interested in those topics to read or watch (I probably should’ve just used Webster’s definition). The difference between the two is a vlog is a video blog and all its content is delivered via video, hence replacing the ‘b’ in blog with a ‘v’ (video). Again, I probably should’ve asked Webster’s but instead I decided to freestyle this section; it makes me feel alive.

Pro Tip:
Find a topic or group of topics you’re passionate about and start creating content about it. Educate people on the topic, on products related to the topic or on best and worst practices. Also, don’t pick two topics that are completely unrelated even if you’re passionate about them. A good idea is to build sites based on a niche so that you can ensure all the content on the site is related (google likes that).

These are just a few suggestions. Try to look at what other people in the field are writing about. Remember, you can use their content as inspiration because your voice and the angle you choose is what will make your site unique.

The next step once you’ve started posting
Your next step is to collect organize an audience that will engage with your content. This audience is incredibly valuable because of the trust you will create with them. This trust makes you and your blog/brand a very attractive option for any advertiser because the more an audience trusts you, the more influence you’ll have over them. A great way to build this audience is by using a Facebook pixel to track visitors and building an email list of subscribers.

So you’re not a programmer or web designer. That’s okay. You don’t need to bother yourself with the practical details of creating a blog because there are many professionals who could help you set it up easily, quickly and at little cost to you. A great place to start is on or These are two excellent resources for you!

Also, this is one of those jobs for people who hate people. Sure, you’ll need to have a social media presence and will have to respond to questions and comments on the actual blog, but let’s face it, that’s about as much social interaction as you’ll have to do. Be kind, respectful and don’t entertain negative comments.

This business idea overlaps a little with content writing in that they‘re both legitimate forms of income for writers of all levels. Freelance-writing for content creation while growing your blog would be an obvious course of action, in my opinion, because one could fund the other. Pushing content out on a daily basis will also improve the quantity and level of your work.

Personally, that was my game plan from day one and it’s certainly worked. I’ve written content for countless websites and blogs all while writing for Financial New Times, a blog I helped to create. I started by creating content after work for extra cash and grew into a full-time content creator.

I wasn’t lucky. I just wrote consistently. I studied consistently. I learned how to become a better marketer too. I can’t stress enough the importance of selecting a topic or group of topics that you’re passionate and knowledgeable about. This was my choice because, you guessed it, I love this stuff. This is also a skill people are constantly needing.

Research topics that are more lucrative with less competition and easy to monetize. A little research will help you settle on a well-paying topic. If you need help with this part of the project, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Calendar and scheduling tool necessary to organize time and start that new business you want

Start doing these jobs part-time

The two very important keywords there were “job” and “part-time”. If you want the secret to moving into a new business, those are two concepts that once mastered, will put you in a better position to be successful.

The best way to get started is to invest some of your free time. Don’t be one of these people that say, “I hate my job”, but then go home and watch tv until 1 am. Don’t get stuck in that rat race where you absolutely hate your surroundings but ultimately end up hating yourself because you won’t do anything to change it.

Doing these jobs part-time means you can continue to support your current lifestyle financially while growing your dream business. Your spouse, family and friends are going to suffer have to come to grips with spending less time with you, but that’s a temporary sacrifice that will pay heavy dividends in the long run.

This may be your passion, but treat it like a job and you’ll start to unlock a huge secret to success. Persistence plus time will always yield some type of result, but you have to give it the seriousness it deserves and classify it as a job. You have to be able to tell your family, friends and partner “no” occasionally because you’re working. Yes, you have to respect the “job” you’re creating the same way you respect the one that’s currently paying your bills.

Start on the road establishing the point where you take your first step towards a new business successfully

Get started on your new business project

There you go! You could start an entrepreneurial small business that has the potential to go from interest, to hobby, to possibly even your main hustle. There are countless testimonies of people who started their hustle by following similar blueprints.

Keep in mind that none of the suggested business options require a large investment of capital from your part. None of them need expensive equipment/machines, products, locale or employees. These business ideas are also non tech startups so there’s no lengthy or expensive development phases.

We understand, however, that everybody’s situation is completely different. If you happen to be in a position where you do need funding or financing now, whether, for your business or personal life, we work with amazing financing partners that specialize in helping people like you. If you wish to explore this option, just answer a few questions and a representative will happily reach out and consult with you for free (click here).

This is a resource we offer our readers because we’ve worked with this partner before and have seen firsthand how helpful their services have been to business owners across the country.

Just a few stacks of coins metaphorically symbolizing the effect a loan could have in allowing your business to grow more successful.

I hope this resource shined some light on a couple of options that might make sense for you based on your experience and personal taste. It’s a great idea to focus your choice of business on doing something you’ll love to do for a very long time. Pick something you’re interested in! Are you sick of hearing that from me yet? Well, it needs to be profitable, but above all else, it needs to be something you’ll enjoy.

If you decide to pursue any of these suggestions, please start by sharing your thoughts and ideas with friends or family and get the help that you need to hit the ground running. Hard work and consistency will undoubtedly become the fuel your journey needs to be successful.

If you need help going forward or have any questions, please post them below and we’ll happily help! You could also fill out our contact form and somebody from our team will get right back to you.

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