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people wearing masks in public

WHO confirms their recommendations to not wear masks unless sick or caring for somebody who is sick

World Health Organization officials confirm their recommendation for people to NOT wear masks unless they are sick or caring for

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Career Development

6 Ways to Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Ability

In today’s fast-paced world, it seems we’ve created a new competition for survival of the fittest. This time, however, mere

Warren Buffett uncertain about stocks after covid-19

Warren Buffett claims nobody knows what stocks will do next

Warren Buffett has said that he’s unsure where stocks will go after this COVID-19 pandemic. The business landscape has changed and volatility is at a level that makes markets very unpredictable.

florida growers selling to consumers in light of Coronavirus

Florida farmers avoid dumping produce by selling directly to consumers

The backlash from the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has had a huge effect on farmers who’ve suffered heavy losses from the

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Go Ahead, Make Mistakes, Change your mind!

Have you ever stopped to consider the vast amount of content that exists on the web? Comparing that to the

Trump will not extend federal social distancing guidelines

Trump says he will NOT extend federal social distancing guidelines

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that the federal government will not be extending it’s social distancing guidelines once they expire, Thursday. The general feeling in the White House is positive and they regard the work done across the entire country to have been exemplary.

Capitol building united states of America

Help is finally here but what does the CARES Act actually mean for you?

What is the CARES Act and how it is going to affect us all during this unprecedented, economic situation.

Frustrated man during covid-19 pandemic unemployment

Jobless Claims: Economists Estimate Could Hit 5.5 Million per Week

Jobless claims are expected to rise significantly since the onset of lockdowns and temporary business closures during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Businessman in a conference room closing deals after reading this article, but only after reading this article.
Career Development

7 Small Business Ideas For Men In 2020

More and more men and looking for a new business to invest their time and energy into. Learn what the most promising opportunities are and find your own calling.

20-03-31 | News FNT | Amazon emerges stronger after coronavirus image

Critics Claim Amazon Should Emerge Significantly Stronger After Coronavirus Pandemic

The world continues to see the unprecedented effects of the coronavirus pandemic with lockdowns of citizens and companies across entire